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Bea's Flowers was established in June 2017. Our brand is made up of a mother and daughter duo who are based and work in London.

Bea, the mother, is a qualified interior designer for over 20 years. She was based in Chelsea Harbour working belong side some of the largest fabric designers in the world. Flowers are an inspiration in all of her work.

Rita, the daughter, is a recent International Political Economy graduate who is working for fashion, tech and lifestyle magazines as a contributing editor and social media manager. Growing up around her mother's influence of loving flowers, flowers are now a vital part of her everyday life.

Bea's Flowers was created due to the love the duo have for food and aesthetic interiors. With this combination, the idea of supplying and arranging flowers for restaurants was born. Restaurants are a great passion of ours and they are still our biggest customers.

In 2020, the duo have decided to branch out our business to individuals and home deliveries. They believe that flowers should not just be for occasions. Bringing nature into your home invites colour and happiness into your every moment.


Bea's Flowers

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